The secret to Pizzeria Sapienza's success in Albany has been a combination of their exemplary service, commitment to their community, and also their use of best ingredients to create a quality product. From freshly made, homemade sauce -- to the finest quality cheese and meat, the Sapienza's believe in going above and beyond to continue to deliver "the legendary taste" year after year. 

WELCOME TO Pizzeria Sapienza

Nino Sapienza first opened Pizzeria Sapienza in 1990, and was the first tenant of the Times Union Center, formerly known as The Knickerbocker Arena. After 30 years, Pizzeria Sapienza continues to be a family owned and operated business, with the help of a loyal and dedicated staff. 

Monday - Tuesday:

9 am - 9 pm

Wednesday - Friday:

9 am - 10 pm

11 am - 10 pm
Sunday: Closed; Open for TimesUnion Center events